Refuse Collection


  • NEW: A limit of FIVE containers, bags or bundles will be collected during regular yard waste collection days.
  • Please do not put glass and plastics containers (rinsed bottles and jugs only) in your recycling bin for curbside collection. See below for a list of what is accepted.

Three trash cart sizes

The Winchester Public Works Division provides roll-off trash carts and curbside collection of trash and recycling on a weekly basis.

Trash Cart Info

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Holiday Schedule

If a City-observed holiday falls on a trash day (Thursday/Friday), that collection will be rescheduled to the Wednesday of that same week. Yard Waste collection is canceled during holiday weeks (see the Holiday Collection Schedule). 

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New Roll-Off Cart Program

  1. Reduce Employee Injuries - The new carts have wheels that will allow our personnel to roll the container to the truck where a semi-automated attachment will lift and dump the container into the truck. This will greatly assist in lowering the risk of injury to our employees that often results from the strain of lifting a consistently large volume of heavy trash.
  2. Simplification - The provided cart will make it more convenient and easier for residents to know the maximum amount of trash that can be set out for collection. In simple terms, the amount of trash set out must fit inside the container with the lid closed.

Folleto del carrito de basura en español

Cart Information


  • Size - There are three different cart sizes with different associated fees. Want a different size? Call 540-667-2106 or 540-667-1815, ext. 1140 or email with your request.
  • Quantity - Customers can order a second cart (must be 35 or 65 gallons). Fees will be applied accordingly (see below for the fees). 
  • Personalized - The carts will have a label affixed with your address. Please do not remove the label or trade carts with other residences.
Cart Size Holds (Approximately)
35 gallons Three 13-gallon trash bags
65 gallons Six 13-gallon trash bags
95 gallons Twelve 13-gallon trash bags

Trash cart sizes illustration

Monthly Fees

Your new monthly solid waste fee (included with your utility bill) will be determined by the size cart you choose and will increase slightly over a three-year period. The monthly fee covers the cost of your cart, including repairs, and weekly curbside trash, recycling and yard waste collection. A fee is charged for additional carts. 

Cart Size Fee
35 gallons $6 $7 $8
65 gallons $8 $9 $10
95 gallons $10 $11 $12

Collection Requirements

Your trash collection day will NOT change. As you currently do, set your container out for collection no sooner than 6:00 pm the evening before or no later than 7:30 am the day of your trash collection.

Please place all trash in bags. There is no limit to the number of bags that can be placed in the cart, but the lid MUST close or the trash will not be collected.

The following items are not allowed and may prevent collection:

Your Old Trash Can

Using the City-provided roll-off trash cart is required for curbside trash collection. Below are some ideas of what you can do with your old trash can.

Reuse It: Consider using your old trash can for yard waste or recycling collection, make a rain barrel or composting bin, or donate it to a local charity. 

Donate It: Local charitable organizations and thrift stores may accept lightly-used cans.

Trash It: If your can is damaged or broken or you don't want to donate it on October 5, we'll be happy to dispose of it for you. Simply set it out on your collection day (empty) with a note stating you want to throw it away.

Explainer Video

Rouss Review Podcast Episode

Topic: Trash/Recycling Program Updates (roll-off cart program pilot results, recycling updates, glass recycling, and composting)
Date: March 2021

Cart Placement

  • With Driveway - If you have a driveway, please place the cart near the end of your driveway where it can be easily rolled to the truck (see photo examples).
  • No Driveway - If you do not have a driveway and the container must be placed on the sidewalk, please place it as close to the road as possible so pedestrians can still travel down the sidewalk (see photo examples).

Example #1 - Sidewalk with No Grass Median

cart on street with wheels against the curb

Instructions: Place the roll-off cart with the front facing the street and wheels tight against the curb, if possible. In some cases, the cart may need to be placed on the sidewalk.

Example #2 - Sidewalk with Grass Median

Cart in grass at edge of curb and away from sidewalk and obstructions

Instructions: Place the roll-off cart with the front facing the street in the grass and close to the edge of the curb and at least four feet from trees or other obstructions.

Example #3 - Driveway with No Sidewalk

Cart at edge of driveway with no sidewalk on opposite side of mailbox

Instructions: Place the roll-off cart with the front facing the street in the grass at the edge of the driveway on the opposite side of the mailbox or other obstructions.

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