Online Services

Electronic Payments

The City of Winchester has partnered with Official Payments to offer online and phone payment options for the following taxes and fees:

  • personal property taxes
  • real estate taxes
  • ambulance transportation fees (no convenience fee)
  • Winchester Parking Authority (WPA) monthly rental fees

Jurisdiction code: 6239

Pay by phone    Pay by card

Payment Plans

Arrangements may be made through the Treasurer's Office to set a payment plan for delinquent real estate and personal property taxes before delinquent collection actions are started.

Note: Late payments DO NOT relieve the taxpayer of penalty, accrued interest and collection fees, NOR do payments stop the DMV Registration Withholding process. All taxes due must be paid in full before the next DMV registration date.

EMS Billing

Ambulance Transportation Fees

Click2Gov Services

Residents and business owners can submit online credit card payments for various fees and real estate tax invoices using the City's Click2Gov services: 

  • Code Enforcement - This service enables citizens and inspectors to perform case inquires and view case-related data online, including the case status and next course of action related to a case. Citizens can also pay fines and fees online.
  • Real Estate Tax - This service enables citizens access to real estate tax accounts, property assessment information and related account activity. The service also gives citizens the ability to pay real estate taxes using their credit card.