Wentworth Drive Improvements

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  • As of June 9, 2021: All water and sewer line replacements were completed and storm water system installation is approx. 50% complete. Curb and gutter and sidewalk installation is approx. 25% complete. Washington Gas is replacing their gas main and service lines which has slowed down the progress.
  • Work resumed October 12, 2020
  • Project start date delayed until October 2020 due to COVID-19 and associated budget cuts
  • Project start date: March 2, 2020

The City of Winchester will complete a sidewalk construction project on Wentworth Drive between Valley Avenue and Cedarmeade Avenue. The improvements include installing new sidewalks along the entire street as none exist now and replacing some underground utility infrastructure (water, sewer and stormwater). Estimated completion date: Fall 2021.

The City designated this location as a high priority area in need of sidewalks following discussions with Winchester Public Schools several years ago. This area needs sidewalks to provide children a safe way to walk to and from Frederick Douglas Elementary School. For this reason, the City was awarded $450,000 in federal funds for the construction of new sidewalks in this area as a part of the “Safe Routes to School” program.

City Council selected the following option:

Wentworth Drive final option

  • Four-foot wide sidewalk on both sides of the street
  • Raised crosswalks on Wentworth at the intersections of Beechcroft and Applecroft.
  • All-way stop remains at the intersection of Russelcroft
  • Replacement of the existing water and sewer mains which are old and in poor condition
  • Curb and gutter on both sides of the street
  • Underground storm water drainage improvements
  • Street repaving and striping

The total project bid was $2.58M and was budgeted for in the City’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan. Most of the cost for the pedestrian improvements will be paid for with the Safe Routes to School Program grant.

Streets will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the project and closed to parking in the immediate work area. Detour signs will be posted. The expected completion date is March 2021 (weather permitting).

City contact: Kelly Henshaw, City Engineer, (540) 667-1815


December 7, 2017 Options Update

Click here to view all 11 options to be presented to Council at the December 12, 2017 Work Session.

Original 5 Options

Click the images to view the below images and associated maps for each option.

Wentworth sidewalk project option 1

Option 1 - Parking on one side, 4 ft. buffer between curb and 5' sidewalk with trees

Wentworth Project Option 2

Option 2 - Parking on both sides of the street, 6' sidewalks

Wentworth Project Option 3

Option 3 - Parking on one side, no buffer between curb and 6' sidewalks

Wentworth Drive Improvement Project Option 4

Option 4 - No Parking, 6' sidewalks

Wentworth Drive Option 5

Option 5 - Parking on one side, 6' sidewalk on the other side (Letter to residents explaining additional option)

Public Input Open House

The City of Winchester held a Public Input Open House on June 28, 2017 to provide interested residents, property owners and businesses the opportunity to review the improvements being proposed, ask questions and provide feedback. 

Wentworth Drive Map