Winchester Fire & Rescue announces promotions, division restructuring

Wed, 08/11/2021 - 16:30

The Winchester Fire & Rescue Department (WFRD) is proud to announce five employee promotions (listed below) that will be recognized at an accommodation and promotions ceremony on August 28, 2021. 

“We’re excited to be able to recognize the accomplishments of our personnel in our combination system, and on top of that, celebrate five internal promotions,” stated Chief Jon Henschel. 

As of July 1, 2021, the WFRD has also restructured the Fire Marshal Division into the Community Risk Reduction Division to better align with the department goal of providing a safer community and reducing the incidence of calls for service. Of the change, Chief Henschel stated that “by restructuring the division, we’re becoming more proactive in our approach and placing emphasis on preventing accidents and injuries before they even occur.”   

Promotions effective July 1, 2021 include: 

Jeremy Luttrell – Deputy Chief, Community Risk Reduction 

Deputy Chief Luttrell will oversee the community risk reduction efforts for the city of Winchester. He holds an associate degree from Lord Fairfax Community College and has been working for the WFRD since 2001, serving as the lead fire marshal since May 2012. 

Caleb Sherwood – Lieutenant, Community Risk Reduction  

Lieutenant Sherwood has been employed by the WFRD since March 2014. He holds a master’s degree in management and leadership from Western Governors University, and most recently graduated from the Virginia Fire Marshal Academy in June 2021. 

Promotions effective August 28, 2021 include: 

Ronald (Matthew) DeHaven – Deputy Chief, Operations

Chief DeHaven has worked for WFRD since October 1994, serving as a shift battalion chief since July 2012. He holds an associate degree in fire science from Pikes Peak Community College and a fire science certificate from Lord Fairfax Community College. In his new position, he will oversee all operations for the department.  

Timothy Vaught – Battalion Chief, Operations   

Chief Vaught has worked for WFRD since December 2005. He holds a Fire Officer III certification from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs and received a professional certification as a Designated Fire Officer from the Center for Public Safety Excellence. As Battalion Chief, he will supervise an entire shift in one of the three platoons. 

Matthew Morris – Lieutenant, Operations   

Lieutenant Morris has worked for WFRD since March 2014. He holds a Fire Officer II certification from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs. He will be assigned as a station supervisor in the operations division.