Current City Projects

Developer Projects

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(Updated 3/24/22)

Projects In Progress Location Rezoning/CUP
Approval Status
Site Plan
Approval Status
Comments # Units
Cameron Square Condos 200-326 N. Cameron Street CU20-666, 10/12/21 Filed on 2/18/22 Not started 171
Centenial Broadcasting Townhouses 520 N. Pleasant Valley Rd RZ-21-931, 3/22/22 Not yet filed Not started 34
Creekside Condos 3131 Valley Avenue RZ-18-893, 22//26/19 Original plan submitted Developer revamping layout 45
Gerrard Street Townhouses 819 S. Cameron Street N/A Approved 9/15/21 Not started 8
Hack Woods SVWC 654 Fox Drive RZ-20-371, 10/13/20 Approved 3/18/22 Not started 39
Hampton Manor Nursing 940 Cedar Creek Grade CU-21-529, 9/28/21 Approved 2/11/22 Not started 120 beds
Harrison Plaza Valor Drive/Taft Ave/Hope Dr RZ-19-413, 8/27/19 Approved 3/12/20 2 of 3 buildings under construction 70
Linden Drive 441 Linden Drive PUD refiled 2/28/22 Not yet filed PUD approval expired 2/9/22 266
Meadow Branch Phase 2 520 Meadow Branch Ave RZ-20-67, 5/26/20 Approved 4/23/21 Grading & utility work underway 134
Old Hospital Senior Living Center 333 W. Cork Street CU-18-815 Approved 3/12/20 Hoping to start grading before June 2022 195 beds
Piccadilly Townhouses 216 E. Piccadilly Street N/A Approved 2/11/22 Under construction 16
Roberts Square 1811 Roberts Street RZ-20-272, 10/27/20 Not yet filed PUD approval expired 10/27/21 36
Sarah Zane Building 301 N. Braddock Street N/A Approved 11/5/20 Under construction 6
Schwartz Family TH 229 S. Pleasant Valley Road RZ-21-906, 2/8/22 Not yet filed Not started TBD
Tevis Townhouse 375 W. Tevis Street RZ-21-30, 4/27/21 Approved 1/10/22 Waiting for City's Valley Ave Improvements Project to finish 20
The Local 230 Spring Street RZ-20-379, 1/26/21 Approved 10/21/21 Grading & utility work underway 198
Treetops Apartments, Phase 2 501 Treetops Lane RZ-18-923, 3/26/19 Site plan submitted Still working on stormwater plan 18
Winchester Commons 2210 Legge Blvd RZ-21-591, 11/23/21 Not yet filed Not started 246

PUD = Planned Unit Development

City-Funded Capital Projects

Click here for a list of scheduled road closures (project related and others).

City Gov't Projects In Progress Est. Construction Start Est. Completion Project Details
Central Downtown Infrastructure Improvements 2020 TBD Link
Hope Drive Extension, Tevis Cul-de-sac & Valley Avenue Improvements January 11, 2021 Summer 2022 $8.3M (Hope Drive) & $9M (Valley Ave)
New Public Services Facility at City Yards Fall 2020 Summer 2022 $11.2M
Equipment storage & admin buildings
New Traffic Signal at Adams Dr/Legge Blvd November 2021 Spring 2022 $300,000
Installation delayed due to issues with poles
Sidewalk Repair Program 2019 Spring 2022 $900,000
Water Treatment Plant River Dam Rehab 2020 TBD $1.5M
North side work completed on schedule.
South side will not be completed for several years.


City Gov't Projects In Design Phase Cost Est. Construction Start Project Details
Millwood Avenue Improvement Project $6.5M TBD Link
30% of design drawing are complete. Soliciting feedback from community.
Green Circle Trail - Phase IV  $5.4M TBD Link
Currently soliciting public feedback. Options to be presented to PED Committee on 4/28/22. Initial design work has started.
City-wide Sidewalk Improvements $3M Spring 2022 Sidewalk Master Plan being revised. To be presented to PED Committee on 4/28/22. Construction can begin after Council approval.
City-wide Street Repaving $2M Summer 2022 Current conditions being evaluated. Work to begin this summer.
N. Cameron Drainage Improvements (multi-phase project) $14.9M TBD Final design work is in progress. Acquisition of CSX parcels needed to construct stormwater management ponds has been completed. Construction is expected to begin in summer 2023.
Replacement of Equipment Maintenance Garage $5M TBD Replacement of garage at City Yards originally constructed in 1986. Design almost complete.
Traffic Signal Replacement at N. Loudoun/Brooke/Brick Kiln Intersection $580,000 TBD Advertised soon for construction bids.
Douglass Park Improvements $500,000 TBD Design is underway in-house.
Eagles Field Drainage Improvements $150,000 TBD RFP is being prepared so a contractor can be selected.


ARPA Allocations

The City's FY22-23 ARPA Spending Plan ($12,337,682) includes projects addressing:

  • public health
  • negative economic impacts
  • essential worker pay
  • infrastructure improvements
  • digital services upgrades
  • equipment
  • PPE
  • new fire station and firefighters
  • grocery market study
  • bikeshare program
  • facility improvements (indoor pool, security, northside community center, athletic field turf, etc.)
  • more

Other Projects

Projects Est. Completion
Public safety radio upgrades Spring 2022

Completed Capital Projects

Wentworth Drive Improvements (Safe Routes to School and underground utilities)

Green Circle Trail Phase III (Jubal Early Drive)

Handley Library HVAC Improvements, roof and structural repairs ($2.6M)

New paystations and access gates at all four downtown garages (Parking Authority)

Water Meter & Sidewalk Replacement Project

North Cameron Drainage Improvements (Phase I)

North End Sidewalk Improvements ($1M CDBG Grant)

Live Fire Training Facility 

City Hall Renovation

Kent Street & Woodstock Lane Improvement Projects

Tevis Street Extension

Winchester Towers Demolition & Redevelopment (City's portion)