Current City Projects

Current City Projects

FY19 Repaving Program

FY19 Street Repaving Program

City Hall renovation

City Hall Renovation

Wentworth Drive on map

Wentworth Drive Improvements

Tevis Street Extension Project

Tevis Street Extension

Radio-read water meter

Water Meter & Sidewalk Replacement Project

Kent Street

Kent Street & Woodstock Lane Improvement Projects

Valley Avenue, Hope Drive and Tevis Street Improvements Project

Hope Drive Extension/Tevis Street Cul-de-sac/Valley Avenue Drainage and Sidewalk Improvements

Winchester Towers Redevelopment rendering

Winchester Towers Site Redevelopment (renderings to show design option)

Monticello and Armour Dale Improvements Project

Monticello Street/Armour Dale Improvements

Boscawen Street as Water Street

Boscawen Street Improvements

Fire and Rescue Burn Building

New Burn Building for Firefighter Training

Recently Completed Projects

The demolition of the Winchester Towers building, located at 200 North Cameron Street, will begin on Monday, October 31.

For safety reasons, the travel lanes adjacent to the building will be temporarily modified. One lane of traffic in each direction on East Piccadilly and North Cameron will be maintained throughout the demolition. See map below:

Lane closures during Towers demolition project

NOTE: Traffic on Cameron and Piccadilly can turn right or left or go straight using the available lanes.

The demolition project will take approximately 12-15 weeks to complete (weather permitting). During this time, to help reduce potential congestion in the area, traffic signal timings will be adjusted to keep traffic moving as efficiently as possible. However, motorists who regularly travel through this intersection may want to consider an alternate route during the demolition process.

Before Photos

Winchester Towers Before Photos

The City currently maintains 58 traffic signals. While most of the existing traffic signals have been replaced in recent years, some signals are very old and will need to be replaced in the coming years. Since the average cost to replace one traffic signal is approximately $250,000, Public Services completed a traffic signal warrant analysis using the criteria in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) to determine if the signals are warranted.

The analysis showed that the existing traffic signals at the following intersections are not necessary. Stop signs will be installed at these intersections to ensure adequate safety due to sight distance limitations. Council approved the removal of the below signals at the August 9, 2016 Regular Meeting:

  • S. Loudoun Street at Whitlock Avenue (stop signs on Whitlock only - flashing school zone signs on Loudoun and flashing pedestrian signs will be added)
  • S. Loudoun Street at Southwerk Street (all-way stop)
  • Weems Lane at Wilson Blvd. (stop sign at Wilson only)
  • N. Loudoun Street at Wyck Street (all-way stop)
  • Boscawen Street at Washington Street (all-way stop)


  • September 15-16, 2016:
    • Intersection of Weems/Wilson (September 15)
    • Intersection of N. Loudoun/Wyck (September 16)
  • Signal at Boscawen/Washington Intersection (October 19)
  • Signals on S. Loudoun (Southwerk and Whitlock intersections) - to be removed December 21, weather permitting

Improving traffic flow was one of the most important issues for residents in the most recent citizen satisfaction survey (2014) and removal of the signals will help with traffic flow in these areas.

The estimated cost to remove the signals at the first four intersections listed above will be less than $1,000 per intersection and will be completed by Public Works staff. The cost to remove the signal at the intersection of Washington/Boscawen will be approximately $15,000 which includes the cost of installing two new decorative street lights. Funds are available in the FY17 Highway Maintenance operating budget for these costs.

The Town Run Phase II section of the trail was completed and opened to the public on September 27, 2016.

Over the past year, the City has been trying to complete a portion of the Green Circle Trail along East Pall Mall and Town Run. As reported in the August 9, 2016 CitE-News issue, a property through which the City needed access for the trail changed hands and the City discovered an unknown underground storage tank. These issues in addition to winter weather delayed the progress of the trail construction.

The City greatly values transparency and open communication, but staff and elected officials have not been at liberty to discuss the issues due to a request by property owners that the City maintain confidentiality during negotiations. However, now that an agreement has been drafted between the City and the current property owner, City staff gave a comprehensive overview of the project to Council at the August 9 Regular Meeting.

The information provided in the below links will explain in great detail what happened with this project and where the City stands now on completing this portion of the Green Circle Trail:

August 9 Meeting Minutes & Presentation

Options Pros and Cons

Agenda items discussed at the August 9, 2016 meeting:


5.5. R-2016-39: Resolution to Authorize the City Manager to Execute the Land Contribution and Development Rights Agreement Between the City of Winchester and Timothy Mellon for the Green Circle Trail Public Improvement Project and Perform All Acts Necessary to Effectuate the Transaction.

This renovation was required to accommodate the additional judges appointed by the State and the corresponding new courtrooms needed. In order to make room, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations (Probation) office and the Commonwealth Attorney's Office was relocated from the Joint Judicial Center to leased office space on Rouss Avenue (between Rouss City Hall and BB&T Bank). Expected completion date: Summer 2016.

Rouss City Hall was built in 1901 and over time, the mortar between the bricks has worn thin. In an effort to improve the safety of the structure and to reduce moisture leaking inside, the City will be repointing the bricks this summer. The project is expected to be completed in October 2016.

In addition, City Hall has not undergone any upgrades since the 1980s. The City also plans to renovate the third and fourth floors to improve customer service and replace the aging HVAC system which caused a major flooding in 2015. The City has selected architectural firm, Reader & Swartz, through a competitive RFP process to provide architectural/interior design services. This project was funded in the FY16 budget.

In 2014, City Council approved several improvements to Meadow Branch Avenue. The project consists of restriping the existing portion of Meadow Branch Avenue (completed in 2015) and building a new extension to connect Merriman's Lane to Buckner Drive and provide access to the new John Kerr Elementary School. A ribbon cutting and official opening of the road is scheduled for June 3 at 2 pm (meet at the entrance behind CVS on Amherst Street).

In October 2014, the City of Winchester purchased the Winchester Towers property with the intention of partnering with a developer to completely renovate the building into a useful and attractive contributor to downtown Winchester. As of April 2016, the City began exploring the option to sell or convey the property to the Economic Development Authority (EDA).

At the July 12, 2016 Regular Meeting, City Council approved Resolution 2016-33 authorizing the City Manager to execute a Letter of Intent with the Winchester Economic Development Authority (EDA) for the purpose of selling 200 N. Cameron Street for $795,000.

Also, during fiscal year 2014, the City of Winchester complied with DHCD’s enterprise zone funding requirement and designated $500,000 to be used for local enterprise zone projects. To date, none of this money has been spent as the EDA's budget has included adequate financial resources to fund all awarded financial incentives since the inception of the City's Enterprise Zone program.

Since the Winchester Towers redevelopment project will be an enterprise zone project, the City has made available up to $400,000 of the available Enterprise Zone funding for the demolition of the Winchester Towers.

The EDA entered into an options agreement with North Cameron Development Group LLC in September 2016. North Cameron Development Group is afforded time to study the property and find development partners before deciding to purchase the property from the EDA. The agreement will expire in December 2017 (extended), however, North Cameron Development Group decided not to exercise their right to purchase the building (as of 12/12/17). The EDA will evaluate other development options with potential partners.

On June 6, the City will begin an improvement project that will correct the long-standing flooding problems on Valley Avenue between Southwerk Street and Lambden Avenue. This flooding has occurred often after a large rain event because there is no existing underground storm water drainage system in this area. The estimated cost of the project is $800,000 which is budgeted for in the City's current Capital Improvement Plan. One-half of the cost of the project will be paid for with VDOT revenue sharing funds. The other half will come from the City’s General Fund. Work is scheduled to start on June 6 and be completed before school starts on August 8. Click here for a schematic showing the project's DETOUR ROUTES.

Work on the Handley Boulevard Project will begin Tuesday, May 31 and is expected to be completed before school starts on August 8 (weather permitting). DETOUR ROUTE MAP

City of Winchester’s Portion

The City’s portion of the project between Braddock and Stewart Streets includes:

  • sidewalk replacement
  • curb and gutter replacement
  • street repaving (to be completed before August 8)
  • convert the intersection of Handley and Stewart to an all-way stop

Handley Boulevard between Braddock and Stewart will remain open during the work.

Estimated cost of City’s portion: $280,000. This project was planned for in the City's Sidewalk and Street Maintenance Master Plan and was budgeted for during the FY16 budget process (adopted by Council in May 2015).

Click here for more information on the Winchester Public School's portion of the project.

Handley Blvd Project Map

In an effort to improve pedestrian safety on Cork Street near Indian Alley, the City permanently closed the parking lot entrance from Cork Street at the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum and added bus parking. These changes were previously implemented temporarily to test effectiveness before Council decided to make them permanent. Work to make the changes permanent was completed June 1, 2016. In July, the crosswalk and flashing crosswalk sign will be installed.

Indian Alley project

The City has been working to implement a new public safety communications system for the past ten years. The old, antiquated system that our officers and firefighters had to use was over 20 years old, unreliable, lacked sufficient coverage and put our personnel at risk. The new system is expected to be fully implemented by September 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

northside corridor enhancement zoning district graphic 3The City is considering the application of a Corridor Enhancement Zoning District along the Fairmont Avenue and N. Loudoun Street.


  • May 4, July 27 and August 31, 2016 - Three public open houses were held to gather feedback from the community.
  • September 27, 2016 - Information was presented to City Council at the Work Session and Council decided to table the item for further discussion.
  • October 11, 2016 - The item was brought back to the next Work Session for discussion and Council forwarded the item to the next Regular Council Meeting to begin the voting process.
  • October 25, 2016 - Council held the first reading of the ordinance.
  • November 8, 2016 - Second reading and public hearing for this item will be held prior to Council's final vote.

What is the Corridor Enhancement (CE) District?

  • The CE District is a newly adopted Zoning Overlay District that is intended to protect and promote major tourist access routes in the city.
  • This Zoning Overlay District sets provisions for building aesthetics and site features; it does not change the underlying zoning that regulates land use.
  • CE provisions are a mixture of standards and recommended guidelines.
  • Examples of CE standards include:
    • Building Orientation
    • Roof Treatments
    • Wall Treatments
    • Placement of Mechanical Units

White Paper: Corridor Enhancement Districts Explained

Open Houses and Information

The first public information meeting was held on May 4 and staff provided an overview of the proposed district. Click here for the presentation.

The second PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE was held on July 27. Click here to view the presentation.

Due to some changes to the proposal (removal of Wyck and N. Cameron Streets), a third PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE was held on August 31. Click here to view the presentation.

Additional information may be obtained from the Planning Department located on the 3rd Floor of Rouss City Hall, 15 N. Cameron Street or online.

Beginning October 27, Braddock Autopark will be undergoing several capital and structural repairs as part of the Winchester Parking Authority's annual maintenance plan for the Authority's four downtown parking garages. Work will take place Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm and be completed by November 18 (weather permitting) or by Thanksgiving at the latest. Monthly space renters will have access to the garage, but due to the need to close some sections during repairs, hourly customers are encouraged to use an alternate parking option during the month of November.

Other parking options in downtown Winchester include: Loudoun Autopark, George Washington Autopark, Court Square Autopark, several public parking lots, and metered street parking.

For more information about parking in downtown Winchester, please visit the Winchester Parking Authority website.