Permits & Licensing & Applications

Below you will find all the permits, applications, and licenses currently in use by the City of Winchester.

Building Inspections Permits and Forms

It is STRONGLY recommended that applicants consult with staff before formally submitting any application. 

  • Permit Exemptions: non-mechanical playground equipment, water slides, mechanical bulls or similar, mall trains, water walking balls/Euro bubbles or similar

Change of Use

A change of use is required anytime a property changes from one use group to another. After final inspection, an Occupancy Certificate will be issued and the Zoning Use Permit can be approved for a business license. 

A floor plan drawing is REQUIRED and must show:

  1. Layout of all rooms with square footage
  2. Label of each room/area function
  3. Exit Locations
  4. Restroom(s) locations
  5. Hours of operation
  6. Number of employees

Electrical Permits

Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA) is a private company contracted to the City of Winchester to issue electrical permits and provide electrical inspections.  MDIA reports all permits issued and inspection results to the Building Official.  Code disputes and appeals are handled by the Building Official. Electrical inspections are currently conducted under the 2020 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).

Contact Middle Department Inspection Agency: (540) 667-8484 or

Dog Tags

The City dog tag will help identify your pet in the case they are lost and picked up by Animal Control.

All dogs four months and older that are located in the City are required to wear a dog tag. Tags for each year go on sale April 1st and must be displayed on the dog by May 1st. Dog tags must be purchased by April 30th to avoid a late penalty.

When registering your dog, you must present a valid rabies certificate. If the vaccination has expired, proof of a current vaccination will be required.

The Code of Virginia has made it mandatory for the Treasurer to send out Dog License renewal applications annually to those dog owners that are currently on our records. If you receive a renewal application for a dog you no longer have, please contact the Treasurer's Office at (540) 667-1815, option 3, so that your records can be updated.

Special Event Permit

The Special Event Permit is required for any parade, special event, or filming/photography utilizing public property and submit it to the Winchester Police Department at least 60 days prior to the event. TIP: Be sure to download the application and open it in Adobe before completing the requested information. It will not save your information if completed while online.

A $25 application fee is required upon submission.