North Cameron Drainage Project


The North Cameron Drainage Project has three primary objectives: improving downtown stormwater drainage, replacing water and sanitary sewer infrastructure, and replacing/installing sidewalks and pavement along N. Cameron St., N. Kent St., Wyck St., and Fairmont Ave.

  • Improve downtown drainage by creating four large stormwater ponds and upgrading underground stormwater pipes.
  • We’re replacing water and sanitary sewer infrastructure, which are currently inadequate to handle the load they’re operating under.
  • Sidewalks will be replaced/installed, new pavement will be laid, and landscaping along North Cameron St, North Kent St, Wyck St, and Fairmont Ave.
    • Almost 350 new trees will be planted along these streets and around the ponds.

N Cameron Drainage Project Schematic 6-1-2021.jpg


The project is projected to take up to two years to complete. We can't say for sure exactly how long each detour along N. Cameron and N. Kent Streets will be in the place, but it could take the full two years. Wyck Street will also be closed to through traffic starting sometime in early 2025.


The full project is projected to cost $28 million, but $10 million of the cost is funded by VDOT.