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2021 Strategic Plan

2021 Strategic Plan(PDF, 35MB)


To provide a safe, vibrant, sustainable city while striving to constantly improve the quality of life in our community and the business climate for economic partners.

Vision 2030

To be a beautiful, vibrant city with a thriving downtown, growing economy, safe neighborhoods with a range of housing options and easy movement.


  • Working Winchester - Encourage economic opportunity for all residents through small business support and workforce development.
  • Building Winchester - Establish the foundations for a vibrant community by stimulating the development of affordable housing, revitalizing catalyst sites, and building smart infrastructure.
  • Strengthening Winchester - Foster a safe, healthy, and diverse community with ample opportunities for recreation and wellness.
  • Moving Winchester - Facilitate the movement of people and goods around the city in all modes with comfortable sidewalks and trails, reliable transit, and safe streets.
  • Supporting Winchester - Support the City's high-performing operations with effective communication, innovation, and sound fiscal policies.

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2022 Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan 2022

Winchester Comprehensive Plan

Approved: March 8, 2022

Sustainability is the key principle of Winchester’s future vision. The Comprehensive Plan charts a new path toward environmental, economic and social sustainability. It promotes a walkable community made up of vibrant mixed use neighborhoods that honor Winchester’s rich history and use the latest technology. This Plan reflects City Council’s philosophy of proactively improving citizens’ quality of life. It is a strategy to make vision into reality. To make Winchester a Community of Choice.

2022 Comprehensive Plan(PDF, 9MB)

 Cover Page(PDF, 86KB)
 Greeting(PDF, 115KB)
Table of Contents(PDF, 13KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction(PDF, 475KB)
Chapter 2 - Planning Studies(PDF, 1MB)
 Chapter 3 - Vision, Principle, Goals & Objectives(PDF, 183KB)
 Chapter 4 - Economic Sustainability(PDF, 300KB)
 Chapter 5 - Environmental Sustainability(PDF, 319KB)
Chapter 6 - Mobility(PDF, 512KB)
 Chapter 7 - Housing(PDF, 556KB)
Chapter 8 - Community, Facilities & Services(PDF, 536KB)
Chapter 9 - Future Development(PDF, 325KB)
 Chapter 10 - Historic Preservation & Urban Development(PDF, 565KB)
 Chapter 11 - Ten Geographic Planning Areas(PDF, 4MB)
 Chapter 12 - Implementation(PDF, 399KB)
 Character Map(PDF, 234KB)
 Council, Commission & Staff List(PDF, 28KB)

Berryville Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Concept (Chapter 11)