Wards, Precincts and Polling Places

Polling Places

The City of Winchester is divided into four voting districts or wards. The precincts and polling places are as follows:

First Ward
0101 - Merrimans Precinct

0102 - Old Town Precinct

John Kerr Elementary School
427 Meadow Branch Avenue

Christ Episcopal Church
132 W. Boscawen Street

Second Ward
0201 - Virginia Avenue Precinct

Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School
550 Virginia Avenue

Third Ward
0301 - War Memorial Precinct

War Memorial Building (Jim Barnett Park Rec Center)
1001 E. Cork Street

Fourth Ward
0401 - Frederick Douglass Precinct

0402 - Rolling Hills Precinct

Frederick Douglass Elementary School 
100 W. Cedarmeade Avenue

The Youth Development Center 
3 Battaile Drive


Voting Ward map

Voting Ward Maps

Printable Voting Wards and Precincts Map (PDF)

Interactive GIS Mapping 

For questions or concerns regarding the interactive mapping website, please contact the City's GIS Office at (540) 667-1815.



Where do I vote?

Visit the Virginia Department of Elections website to find your polling place and Representatives. Enter your current residence address and zip code. The information listed on this link is good for any address in the State of Virginia. If you have a Winchester mailing address but live in Frederick County, it will give you your polling place in the county.

Polls are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm on election days.

NOTE: This site does not confirm that you are registered to vote at the polling place displayed. If you have moved and have not updated your voter registration, this site may not display your correct polling place. If you have questions about your registration status or polling place, we strongly urge you to contact your local voter registration office at least 22 days before election day.

Virginia State Board of Elections