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Winchester Victim/Witness Program

The Winchester Victim/Witness Program is here to provide you with support and information. Either through direct services or referral. The program is designed to assist you during various steps of the case. If you question or need assistance please call the Victim/Witness Program at (540) 722-7940.

Victim Witness

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to press charges against someone, or I think I may have been a victim of a crime. Can the Commonwealth's Attorney help me?

A. All potential criminal matters should be thoroughly investigated by the Winchester Police Department. Please call the non-emergency number (540-662-4131) to be referred to an officer.

Q. I want to get my gun rights or my driving privileges restored. Can the Commonwealth's Attorney guide me?

A. No. Pleasecontact a private attorney or file a petition with theWinchester Circuit Court Clerk’s office(link is external)on your own. Those petitions and other civil forms can be found at is external). After the petition is filed, a court date will be set for your hearing by the clerk.

Q. As a victim of a crime, can I get assistance with requesting restitution, seeking reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical expenses, or with support throughout the judicial process?

A. Yes. The Winchester Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is committed to helping you through this difficult process. Please contact the Victim/Witness Program at 540-722-7940 and someone will be happy to help you.

Q. As a witness in a criminal matter, may I speak with the prosecutor assigned to the case?

A. Yes. Please call and ask to speak with our Victim/Witness Program.Not only are they available to provide support, but they can also schedule a time for you to meet with or speak to the prosecutor handling the case.While our office makes efforts to speak with all witnesses prior to court, sometimes contact information may be inaccurate, and we may need you to reach out to us.

Q. Can I talk to a Commonwealth's Attorney about my criminal charges?

A. If you are a defendant (a person charged with a crime) and you a represented by an attorney, the Virginia Ethical Rules prohibit prosecutors from discussing criminal charges with you. However, if you are a defendant who is not represented by an attorney, then you can discuss your case with the prosecuting attorney.


As Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Winchester, it is important to me that the victims and witnesses of crime are treated fairly and are respected throughout the criminal justice process. There will be times when the experience may be disruptive and frustrating to you. When you are a victim or witness your assistance and testimony are important. We need your help.

Department Head

Heather Hovermale

Heather D. Hovermale, Winchester Commonwealth's Attorney

The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of crimes that occur within the Winchester city limits, including all felony cases and certain misdemeanor cases. The office prosecutes cases in all three courts: Circuit, General District & Juvenile and Domestic Relations. The office provides services that support the victims and witnesses involved in these cases.