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Winchester City Charter (Chapter 26, Section 15) requires property owners and residents to clear the sidewalks in front of their business or residence within 24 or 48 hours after a snowstorm, depending on how much snow we receive. (For six inches of snow or less, the 24-hour rule is in effect; if we receive more than six inches, owners and residents have 48 hours to clear the snow.) 

This provision in the City Charter is about keeping each other and our neighbors safe!  

Whether it be our kids walking to school, fellow community members walking to work, or just out for a stroll, we owe it to our community to clear the sidewalks in front of our homes within a day of a storm. Nothing is less safe than walking in the street because the sidewalk is not walkable. 

That said, we understand that it may be difficult for some neighbors to shovel their sidewalks promptly due to age or physical condition. 

To help address this challenge, the City is introducing a new volunteer program: Snowbusters!  

Here’s how the Snowbuster program will work: The City is organizing a crack team of volunteer snow shovelers available to shovel snow in the aftermath of a snowstorm. The City will pair shovelers with community members who need assistance clearing their sidewalks.  

We welcome community members who are senior citizens or have a disability to sign up as program participants. Once registered in the program, staff will add their residence to a list of locations to be serviced by our Snowbuster team. 

Please also consider signing up as a Snowbuster volunteer snow shoveler! Minors under 18 are welcome to serve as Snowbuster volunteers with permission from their parents or guardians.