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Stay informed and sign up for the City's notification system. The system is used to send text, email and phone messages to subscribers during emergencies and can be used for non-emergency alerts if the subscriber chooses to receive those notices. 

Create an Account

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Create an account and set your preferred contact methods (text, mobile call, landline call or email). NOTE: Must register a 22601 address (residence, business, school or place you visit often). More than one address can be added.

Step 3: Opt-in to receive any or all of the below notifications (under "Subscriptions" when creating an account):

  1. Trash/recycling schedule changes
  2. Snow plan activation/deactivation
  3. Government facility closures
  4. Weather warnings (choose which weather alerts you want to receive)
  5. Scheduled road closures
  6. WinTran routes schedule changes


Phone messages will come from: (540) 662-9850
Text messages will come from: 89361 or 88911

Questions? Call the City's Emergency Management Department at (540) 773-1360 or


Why do I receive several of the same messages?

The City's notification system is designed for emergency communications. If you don't confirm receipt of the first message you receive, it will continue to send the message to make sure you see it. 

How do I make it stop sending repeat messages?

All you have to do is confirm the first message you receive as instructed on the message and all subsequent repeat messages will stop.

How can I change my preferences or update my contact information?

You must log in to your account at, make the changes, and hit Save. If you need further assistance, contact the system's administrator (see contact info below).

I forgot my login information. How can I get help?

Visit Click "Forgot username" or "Forgot password" and follow the steps to reset it. If you still need help, contact the system's administrator for assistance:

Emergency Management Department
(540) 773-1360