flowering trees on the John Handley High School campus

The City of Winchester is proud to be a Tree City USA for over three decades.  The Trees Division is responsible for the health and safety of all trees on streets and in the public rights-of-way.

Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine

Established in May 2019 by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The purpose of this quarantine is to help prevent the artificial spread of Spotted Lanternfly to uninfested areas of the Commonwealth by regulating the movement of articles that are capable of transporting the Spotted Lanternfly. The Spotted Lanternfly is a new pest to the United States and has become established in the Commonwealth. 

Spotted Lanternfly feeds on more than 70 plant species, including grapes, apples, stone fruits, hops and Ailanthus altissima (Tree of Heaven), which is its preferred host. It poses a threat to Virginia’s peach, apple, grape and wine industries. Spotted Lanternfly can also be a nuisance pest to homeowners when numbers are high.The Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has determined that the Spotted Lanternfly is dangerous and destructive to the agriculture, horticulture, and forests of this Commonwealth. 

More Info and Tips

Spotted Lanternfly lifecycle

Approved Tree Planting List

The Approved Tree Planting List includes a variety of widely-acceptable trees suited for the growing conditions found in most urban areas: along streets, residential properties, parks, golf courses and other developed areas. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive list and the suggested varieties listed are focused on those that are readily available and known to perform well in our area. There are many trees, particularly native species, not included in the list which may be suitable for undeveloped sites or naturalized areas.


For trees on city streets or in the public rights-of-way, residents and businesses can make a request to the City Arborist for:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Planting

Tree Canopy and Water Quality

Trees work in a number of ways to improve water quality and reduce the amount of pollutants and sediment that end up in our streams and lakes after storm events.

Click here for more information about this impact, what the City is doing and what you can do to help.

Right-Tree-Right-Place Program

The City of Winchester's Tree Division has teamed up with Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) and Reading Landscapes, Inc. to create the Right-Tree-Right-Place Street Tree Canopy Program. This program is aimed at creating a safe, healthy, and attractive tree canopy through replacement of over-mature, declining trees in the public right of way that are in conflict with overhead electric lines. Click here for more information.

Safety Hazards

Trees and shrubs beautify properties and provide many benefits, but they can also cause safety hazards to pedestrian and vehicular traffic if not properly maintained. Click here for more information and how you can help reduce these hazards on your private property. 

Adopt-A-Tree Program

The Adopt-A-Tree Program allows residents or businesses to adopt a city-owned tree. This program was developed to help keep our urban forest thriving and to enhance the beauty of our city by encouraging the Winchester community to take a more active interest in our community's trees.


Donate to the Adopt-A-Tree Program

If you wish to donate online via credit card, click the “donate” button and you will be sent from the City of Winchester’s website to PayPal to process your transaction. Or complete the order form and mail it to the City Arborist, 1001 E. Cork Street, Winchester, VA  22601.

Please designate the donation for the tree program in the “Purpose” box.

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Jordan Herring
Arborist/Grounds Maintenance Manager
Jim Barnett Park
1001 East Cork Street
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 662-4946, ext. 1171