Strategic Plan

City at work for youThe City’s strategic plan for 2014-2015 includes the following goals, objectives and priorities (i.e. Top, High or Moderate).

2014-2015 Strategic Plan

GOAL 1 – Grow the Economy:

#1 Objectives

  • Develop a workforce prepared for 21st century job opportunities
  • More higher paying jobs for residents through federal government, professional/support service and manufacturing
  • Expand educational programs linked to medical and healthcare job opportunities
  • Increase number of start up businesses
  • More diverse local economy
  • Increased high tech businesses and job opportunities


  • Meadow Branch Avenue: Development
  • Conference Center: Development
  • Enterprise Zone: Next Steps
  • Retail Attraction/Retention Strategy
  • Patsy Cline Economic Strategy Development

GOAL 2 – Create a More Livable City for All:


  • Revitalize the North side neighborhood
  • Develop neighborhood parks with amenities and community gathering spaces: Weaver, Whittier, Friendship, Douglass
  • Upgrade City school facilities
  • Manage future growth, development and redevelopment consistent with City's vision, comprehensive plan and development standards and policies
  • Revitalize center city neighborhoods
  • Create a safe community: people feeling safe in all neighborhoods
  • Create a more bikable and walkable City connecting key community destinations


  • John Kerr Elementary School
  • City Gateway Beautification Project
  • North End Redevelopment Strategy and Action Plan
  • Housing Stock Condition Assessment and Plan
  • Social Beverage Approval: Beer/Wine at War Memorial Building/Amphitheater
  • Frederick Douglass Park Development
  • Youth Activities and Employment
  • Development Standards: Development (Street Lights, Street Width, etc.)
  • Schools Master Plan

GOAL 3 – Develop a High Performing Organization:


  • Attract, develop and retain a quality City workforce including management succession capacity in all departments
  • Increase teamwork and collaboration among City departments
  • Upgrade, increase the use of information technology to increase productivity and to engage the customer service
  • Provide adequate resources for the defined core City services and service levels
  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction with City services
  • Maintain competitive compensation and benefits for City employees
  • Improve communications within the City Organizations and with the Winchester Community


  • Public Safety Communications System
  • Incentives for City/School Employees
  • Community Events Policy: Review
  • Citizens/Community Survey

GOAL 4 – Continue revitalization of Historic Old Town:


  • Continue investment by EDA and Public-Private Partner for acquisition/ redevelopment in Historic Old Town
  • Retain and increase professional service/technology businesses
  • Increase the number of residents living in Downtown through mixed use development
  • Establish a viable “Arts and Entertainment” district
  • Enhance gateways to Historic Old Town
  • Increase private investment in façade improvements and second/upper floor development
  • Expand revitalization efforts to all parts of Secondary Assessment District


  • Historic Old Town Gateway Enhancements
  • Comprehensive Parking Strategy (Residential, Credit Card, Self Sufficiency)
  • Downtown Branding and Materials Plan: Development

2013-2014 Updates

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