Streets and Traffic

streets and traffic division

The Streets and Traffic Divisions are responsible for keeping city streets in the best condition.

Streets Division:

  • Snow removal
  • Leaf collection
  • Sidewalk repairs and installation
  • Street cleaning
  • Storm drainage
  • Street maintenance

Street Maintenance Facts:

  • The City currently maintains approximately 221.5 lane miles of public streets within the City (excluding alleys).
  • In order to keep all of the roadways within the City in good physical condition and at a service level desired and expected by the residents, the City should repave approximately 10.4 lane miles of streets each year. Since Council approved the Street Maintenance Master Plan in 2013, the following number of lane miles have been repaved:
    • 2013 - 11.7 lane miles
    • 2014 - 20.9 lane miles 
    • 2015 - 9.61 lane miles
    • 2016 - 10.18 lane miles
    • 2017 - 15.19 lane miles
    • 2018 - 5.68 lane miles
    • 2019 - 13.35 lane miles
    • 2020 - 0.8 lane miles (budget cuts due to COVID-19 pandemic)
  • The primary funding sources are projected to be the Highway Maintenance Fund and the City’s General Fund. The primary funding source is usually the City's General Fund due to funding limitations from the state and progress made on street repaving depends on the budget amount allocated each year.

Master Plans:

  • Sidewalk Master Plan - Winchester residents identified sidewalk replacements as a high priority in the City's 2011 Citizen's Satisfaction Survey. The Sidewalk Master Plan, adopted by Council on August 13, 2013, prioritizes sidewalk replacements in areas with high pedestrian traffic and adds new sidewalks where needed.  NOTE: While the proposed plan contains proposed projects over a five year period, the projects will require budgetary approval from City Council each fiscal year.
  • Street Maintenance Master Plan - In the most recent survey of City residents completed in December 2011, the maintenance of City streets was selected by residents as the single City service that should receive the most emphasis within the next two years. City Council has responded to this strong desire for improved street maintenance by appropriating significant funding the past few years for street paving. In 2013, Council approved the City's current Street Maintenance Master Plan.

Streets Crew Supervisor
Bobby Clark
(540) 667-1815, ext. 1490
Fax (540) 662-5227

Traffic Division:

  • Traffic signals
  • Intersection painting
  • Curb painting
  • Sign Maintenance

Traffic Operations Manager
Andy Dunn
(540) 667-1815, ext. 1494
Fax (540) 662-5227