Rouss Review

Welcome to the City's new podcast, The Rouss Review, hosted by Barry Lee with 92.5 WINC FM. The Rouss Review will be posted every second and fourth Thursday at 5:00 pm and include a variety of segments (varies each podcast) including:   

  • Council BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) for a high level overview of the most recent Council meeting
  • Interviews with staff, officials and more to discuss current City projects, services, news, events, etc.
  • Winchester 101 history lesson with Tim Youmans, local historian and City Planning Director
  • State of the City overview
  • Now You Know - laws, rules, trivia, services, requirements, etc. that you may not know about Winchester
  • Job Talk - description of current City job vacancies and more 

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Listen below or on SoundCloud or read the transcripts of the podcasts below (available as of January 16, 2020).

















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Podcast Transcripts

Would you rather read the information instead of listen to the podcast? Click the podcast date below and enjoy!

Podcast Date Topic Special Guest Transcription Link
February 13, 2020 Heart Month Lt. Drew DeHaven, Fire & Rescue Download
January 30, 2020 Year in Review City Manager, Eden Freeman Download
January 16, 2020 Snow Plowing Justin Hall, Public Works Division Manager Download

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