The Purchasing Division assists the City with purchasing required goods and services in conformance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act and City Council’s policies and procedures. 

Purchases in the amount of $100,000 or greater require formal procurement through advertised sealed competitive bidding. The Purchasing Division issues Invitations for Bids (IFB) and Requests for Proposals (RFP).  Proposal notices will appear in The Winchester Star ten (10) days prior to the date set to receive proposals and be posted on the City's e-Bid Portal.

Procurement Definitions

Bid Type Description
RFP Request For Proposal - The document used to solicit sealed Proposals from potential providers for goods and services (Proposers) over $100,000 and professional services over $60,000. Price is usually not a primary evaluation factor. Provides for the negotiation of all terms, including price prior to contract award. May include a provision for the negotiation of Best and Final Offers. May be a single-step or multi-step process.
ITB Invitation to Bid - Bidding process used for soliciting sealed bids for goods and services over $100,000 and professional services over $60,000. Award is made to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder.
RFQ Request For Quote - Bidding process for soliciting bids under $100,000. Award is made to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder.


Requests for Information

In preparation for future projects the City may periodically issue a Request for Information (RFI).  An RFI is a process whose purpose is to gather basic information including, but not limited to: products, suppliers, industry trends, business standards and quality.  The information is to educate the City and it may be used within a future procurement or budget.  An RFI is not a public procurement and no award results from the process.

Current Request(s) for Information:

None at this time 

Sole Sources

In the event of there being only one source is practicably available for the item to be procured, the City will post the sole source determination electronically in compliance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act 2.2-4303.

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