Strategic Plan

On December 8, 2015, Council adopted the City's 2018-2020 Strategic Plan (updated March 2019) to outline priorities, objectives, strategies, actions and target to accomplish over the next five years.

2021 Strategic Plan Update

The City is currently updating its strategic plan and is seeking community feedback. Our consultant has been interviewing staff, Council, community stakeholders and the public regarding the City's past, present and future. City Council will hold a retreat on May 14, 2021 (9 am-5 pm, open to the public) to further discuss the City's vision and goals and the draft plan is expected to be presented in June 2021.


To provide a safe, vibrant, sustainable city while striving to constantly improve the quality of life in our community and the business climate for economic partners

Vision 2030:

To be a beautiful, vibrant city with a thriving downtown, growing economy, safe neighborhoods with a range of housing options and easy movement


  1. Working Winchester - Encourage economic opportunity for all residents through small business supports and workforce development
  2. Building Winchester - Establish the foundations for a vibrant community by stimulating development of affordable housing, revitalizing catalyst sites, and building smart infrastructure
  3. Strengthening Winchester - Foster a safe, healthy and diverse community with ample opportunities for recreation and wellness
  4. Moving Winchester - Facilitate the movement of people and goods around the city in all modes with comfortable sidewalks and trails, reliable transit, and safe streets
  5. Supporting Winchester - Support the City's high-performing operations with effective communication, innovation, and sound fiscal policies

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