Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan with aerial view of Braddock and Piccadilly streets

Winchester Comprehensive Plan

Approved: March 8, 2022

Sustainability is the key principle of Winchester’s future vision. The Comprehensive Plan charts a new path toward environmental, economic and social sustainability. It promotes a walkable community made up of vibrant mixed use neighborhoods that honor Winchester’s rich history and use the latest technology. This Plan reflects City Council’s philosophy of proactively improving citizens’ quality of life. It is a strategy to make vision into reality. To make Winchester a Community of Choice.

Comprehensive Plan

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Planning Studies
Chapter 3 - Vision, Principle, Goals & Objectives
Chapter 4 - Economic Sustainability
Chapter 5 - Environmental Sustainability
Chapter 6 - Mobility
Chapter 7 - Housing
Chapter 8 - Community, Facilities & Services
Chapter 9 - Future Development
Chapter 10 - Historic Preservation & Urban Development
Chapter 11 - Ten Geographic Planning Areas
Chapter 12 - Implementation
Character Map
Council, Commission, Staff List

Berryville Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Concept (Chapter 11)